Concussion Reduction*

Active Cooling

* Impact Attenuation Using Our Gel Packs for Football



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In one of the fastest growing markets on the planet, we are now offering our products to businesses and sportsmen through our authorized ​distributor.

This Link Will Take You to Our Japanese Distributor: Tanida Yuran in Japan


July 2015
New Product Development
GelCool technology used in new medical product development.

September 2015

Personal Ecosystem Project 

ColdHelmet and GelCool Systems are supporting  the development of a portable personal ecosystem 

Comfort and Safety in the Heat

Actual active cooling packs, caps, and cold helmets for workers, athletes, consumer use at home, and for medical use.  Concussion Reduction (Impact Attenuation) in Football Helmets.



Please contact our Japanese distributor, Tanida Yuran for GeCool Products in Japan.

​latin america


The thriving Latin American region is now taking advantage of GelCool products.  Contact us to learn more.


U.S. / Canada


GelCool is the competitive edge in the heat - stay safer, more comfortable, and more focused in the heat.

professional grade
​personal cooling